The business group "Spetsproduct" was founded in 2007, after the merger of the companies represented in various industries, with the aim of combining the expertise and diversification of business processes. Over ten years we were creating a modern, safe, environmentally-friendly production able to provide hundreds of jobs, offer the high-class innovative products and compete with foreign companies. Since then, our principles remain the same.

We sincerely believe that the basis of all activities should be built on creation: not just a reproduction of the finished schemes and patterns, but also the creation of new experience, augmenting of best practices and material resources.

The business group "Spetsproduct" includes three innovative Russian companies, which manufacture the high-quality products widely used in Russia and overseas markets, and also develop the new, original products with unique properties.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of Russian industry and economics and create the products that meet the latest international quality standards.

LLC "Zavod Agrohimprodukt" - producer of complex automated accounting alcohol and its components. Our technical experts will develop software that allows you not only to transmit data, but also automate complex processes in your enterprise.

NPP "Spetsavia" - one of the market leaders in specialty chemicals liquids for the needs of civil and defense sectors, the supplier of the Ministries of Defense and Emergencies of Russia. Highly qualified staff, accredited laboratory, modern equipment and infrastructure - the key to our stability and prosperity.

LLC "Zavod Spetshimprodukt" - is an innovative development in the field of fire and complete solutions for fire safety facilities at various levels. Increased consumer properties of our products provide a stable demand in domestic and international markets.

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